"Hay Vriska did you know at one point Tavros was gonna propose to you?"

Uh, no????????

8ut I guess that explains what the ring was for. That loser can’t get anything right. I swear. I even had to help him DIE the right way.

"Yooo spiderbitch. Got and good jokes?"

Why are there fences around a graveyard? 

8ecause people are DYING to get in!!!!!!!!

Why does it take so long for pir8tes to learn the alpha8et? 

They can spend years at C!!!!!!!!

Your family must 8e a cactus, 8ecause everyone on it is a prick.

Is this enough, human? I used to trade these with Terezi during our old Team Scourge days. That 8itch could pun for days.

Vriska Here

I am going to 8e on for awhile, so why don’t you gru8s send some asks my way???????? >::::) 

((OOC: Sorry I haven’t been on in forever! I promise soon I’ll get in cosplay and do asks, it’s just such a b8tch getting all the grey on.))

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"hey snowman, do you know about the human holiday halloween?"

0: Know of it? My dear, I embody it.
…green is a Halloween color, right?

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Do something?

Well, yes. But it’s not so much doing something together…

…as me doing something to him.

"Rose, what's your favorite part about Halloween?"


TT: I rather enjoy dressing up, actually. This is just a jacket, nothing fancy.

TT: When I was younger, before the earth was destroyed, I always acted like I was too good for the whole trick-or-treating things. Just to spite my mom. I wish I hadn’t, though. I was rather immature then.

TT: Rather fond memories would have been created from such  experiences.

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tentacleTherapist is now online!

TT: In the spirit of Halloween, while it is a couple weeks away, I’ve decided to wear a rather… ‘spoopy’ jacket!

TT: I’m online to answer questions now.

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((OH GO D IM SORRY IT SPED THE GIF UP SO MUCH?????What a dreadfully boring day.Ask away, entertain me.


What a dreadfully boring day.
Ask away, entertain me.

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ill be on text post later after school, so send in a few asks so i can get to them when i get home!

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((=v.v=))>33 Well, I both understand, and do not understand his reason for hiding furrom what was left of the Signless’ followers. All in all, though. He is a furry sweet boy, and I’m glad and relieved to s33 that he makes fur a great leader, and takes afurter my beloved